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When it is time for
the walk home, remember to
hold your head up.
If you can’t, sit down until

you find the strength for it.

Walk like pepper spray, like
don’t fucking touch me, like
don’t make me use this.
Walk like the knife in your
pocket is in your hands,
like you were born with
it there, because weren’t you?

If your body can’t just be a body,

then it can at least be a weapon.

It can at least be yours.

They tell you to
be careful.

They tell your brother to
be good.

Why won’t they let
you be dangerous?
Why won’t they let
you be scary?
Don’t they know?
Don’t they?


Caitlyn Siehl, The Walk Home (via alonesomes)

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I may be obnoxious but at least I’m obnoxious in the tags

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staff at checkout: that’ll be $9.95
me: here’s $10.00
me: keep the change 

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the trick to plucking ur eyebrows is to rip the hair out really fast to minimize the pain, and to pull from the very base of the hair, as close to ur skin as u can get
asked by Anonymous

I ended up doing it!!!!!! Thank you I will remember those tips for next time which will probably be soon hehaho

I put some of the tattoo numbing gel I got for my tattoo on my eyebrows to see if it’d make it easier to pluck hehaho
My problem is I can’t inflict pain on myself so as I watch in the mirror I literally cringe as I even tug at a hair
Waiting for it to absorb a bit longer then I will attempt the unthinkable once again