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I like people and pasta and dogs and I live in San Diego

plates of pasta
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Ah you all are fantastic thank you!!!!! You guys rule :*) Heck yes I plan on buyin all the shoes
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this is your captain speaking, AND THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SHOUTING.

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I have an interview with DSW tomorrow and I’m very nervous and just want the job but I’m pretty sure it’s a group interview so that’s just splendid ((sarcasm)
If I voluntarily bring attention to myself, I am not nervous at all but if I have no choice in the matter and it’s mandatory, I get nervous
It’s really weird but I’m pretty sure it happens to most people
Minds are weird
Anyway I’m excited and just hope hope hope I get the job it’d be a serious dream and it’s about time I am getting too old to be jobless

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i wanna go for walks in the middle of the night but i also dont want to die ya feel

just girly things

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fair enough
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thinkin about deleting my tumblr
just been using tumblr for 5+ years and i am a little tired of having so many mediums to check
it’s been a fun ride though it makes me laugh a heck of a lot
haven’t decided really but very much considering
if anyone wants to keep in touch which probably not because i hardly speak to anyone on here then yes i have an Instagram it is @ashmbo so yes there we are
i’m still here though!! i’m just sayin i may not be eventually

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i just had to bury my little kitty friend
i’ve been crying for an hour and haven’t stopped since i started digging the hole
god dammit

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LMAO: Let Me Ask Obama

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