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I am hereby stating this now on tumblr because for some reason my mind believes that once I post something on tumblr, I must stick to it
This has to do with my eating habits as well as a goal we have to make in my health education class this semester, but I’ve been wanting this change regardless of this class
I am going to limit my fast food intake to once every two weeks and doing my best to eat healthier even if that means buying my own food, plus continuing my daily exercises and running the lake/bike riding with Steven to stay fit and healthy and energized
This means I can’t eat Jack in the Box, Mexican Food, Chinese Food (Panda), In N Out, KFC (which my grandparents wanted last night and I feel sick after I eat it every time), etc unless it is once every two weeks in which case I’ll probably be eating two Jack in the Box tacos every two weeks because they taste so good
Anyway I’m really going to stick to this goal no matter how badly I crave quick and greasy food
And let me establish that when I say I’m going to eat healthier, I don’t mean I’m going to make the wisest decisions every time - I’m still allowed to indulge in slurpees every now and then and eat a cookie too I just am going to make my main meals something of sustenance